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    The Fourth Trimester

    With the birth of my fourth daughter this fall I immediately adopted the super mom, ‘it’s not my first baby I can do all of the things’ attitude. This is a peak into my life at this special time and my attempt to do it all ….

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    Meet Priyanka Chirag Berry

    Meet Priyanka Chirag Berry

    Priyanka in pink wrapPriyanka in red wrapPriyanka in grey stretchy wrap
    Priyanka is mom to toddler Ira and hails from the Cincinnati area. She is better known as the face of The Babywearing Berries. Priyanka has been wearing Ira since she was 3 days old. Priyanka describes it as,

    “I loved babywearing from the first time, Ira slept so peacefully and I was hands free.”

    Babywearing quickly became part of their normal routine. Priyanka loved wearing Ira and Ira loved to be carried close to her mom. Babywearing enabled Priyanka the freedom to do normal household chores and more. She’s even walked a marathon with Ira in a carrier!

    When asked how babywearing makes her feel Priyanka says,

    “It gives me the patience to be a better parent.”

    She describes an onbuhimo as perfect for quick-ups while on the go and shares the following words of wisdom for caregivers new to babywearing;

    “Try it a few times before giving it up.”

    We are so excited and honored that Priyanka has joined the 2Lambie Lambassador team and cannot wait to see where future adventures take her!

    Priyanka in blue wrap

    Priyanka in baby carrierPrPriyanka in 2Lambie onbuhimo


    Meet Erin McGill!

    Meet Erin McGill!

    Erin in 2Lambie

    Erin is a busy mom of three on the go that hails from Canada. Erin started babywearing after the birth of her first child, Asher. Her first carrier was a sling made from “potato sack” material gifted from her sister. It was love at first wear for both Mom and Asher! He loved being worn and was really happy being snuggled-up with Mom. Erin was able to use babywearing to help Asher with his colic and to travel between home and work.

    Erin’s love for wearing continued with her daughter Freya. Life with two was becoming increasingly busy, being able to do hands on activities with both kids and get them from place to place, babywearing was essential. Wearing Freya was the only way Erin was able to get the grocery shopping done.  

    With the addition of her third child, Jocelyn, Erin now uses babywearing even more. She’s able to bundle up Jocelyn and walk the big two kids to school. One of Erin’s most memorable babywearing moments is:

    “wearing my toddler while walking the kids to school in the winter. I gear up with a babywearing sweater with a babywearing jacket on top. I put a balaclava and winter booties on my toddler. I remember one particularly icy day last year when I had to bring out the spikes for my boots. People really stare a lot when you babywear outdoors in the Canadian winter!”

    Erin in Coat

    Erin shares the following words of wisdom for persons new to babywearing:

    "Try not to get overwhelmed by the options and technicalities of wearing. Seek out a babywearing group local to you and try out several different types of carriers. Have someone help you learn how to use them. Remember it's really just about the closeness with your baby and your ability to keep them happy and comfortable. Everything else will follow in time."

    Erin’s favorite or should we say favourite tip for onbuhimo’s is:

    "Have your child stand on a bed or sofa. Adjust the onbuhimo on them and then put it on like a backpack. Then adjust and tighten from there. That's a really easy way for beginners to get their onbuhimo on."

    Erin in wrap

    Erin moved into woven wraps with Joss and onto buckle carriers when Joss was large enough. When she heard about buckle onbuhimos and knew right away it was a carrier she needed to try. Erin always hated the muffin top from waisted carriers and also loved the idea of a carrier that allowed for her toddler to be higher on her back so she could see the world with her. The onbu (high back) carry kept Joss much happier! Erin’s favorite carrier is a 2Lambie made with a handwoven wrap. It incorporates everything she loves about babywearing and she feels like it will be perfect cherry on top of her wonderful babywearing journey. The cherished moments of your babywearing days will last a lifetime of both you and your tots.

    We here at 2Lambie love having Erin as part of our team! Her positive attitude and love of babywearing are downright contagious. Please join us is welcoming Erin as one of our new Lambassadors!

    Erin in 2Lambie

    Lambassador - Be a Brand Ambassador!

    Lambassador - Be a Brand Ambassador!

    2Lambie Brand Ambassador

    The search is on to find a team that loves 2Lambie as much as we do! We want the world to be able to experience what an amazing carrier the 2Lambie onbuhimo is and the best way to do that is to try one!

    We are looking for individuals that are active on social media, active babywearers, and have photography skills (selfie or otherwise). We don’t expect every photo to be studio perfect, we prefer real life babywearing - caregivers using babywearing to get life done. Along with photos there will also be guest blogging opportunities.

    We are looking for Brand Ambassadors from all walks of life. If you have a social media following and use babywearing to help in your everyday life, we are looking for you. Loving a 2Lambie carrier is a must, but we completely understand that you may love, use, and showcase other carrier types too.

    Sound like something you would be interested in? Apply below! Applications will be open January 24th - January 30th.

    Apply Here Today!

    2Lambie Wear Award Nomination!

    2Lambie Wear Award Nomination!

    The Reid Family

    This year has been an amazing year for Lisa and 2Lambie. A dream of hers has come to life!

    In her words:

    “Wow! So I woke up into my first day of 2017 to learn that 2Lambie was nominated for a Wear Conference Award for "Best New Arrival Carrier" for 2016.  This is very exciting for our small yet mighty company and we are so thrilled our vision for a comfortable and fashionable carrier has been recognized by the Babywearing community. We share the category with some of the biggest names in the industry, so being nominated is a compliment I am proud of. Thank you to all of you who have been there with me through the entire last year.”

    All of us here at 2Lambie are so excited and honored to be nominated. We humbly thank you for all your support! AND we have SO MANY NEW EXCITING things coming this year we cannot wait to share with you!!

    Vote HERE!